Ian Craig

Margie GanderFeb 4, '19

Ian Craig BSc MSc, CSCS, INLPTA is a nutritional therapist, exercise physiologist, NLP practitioner and a lifestyle coach. He was a competitive middle-distance runner for 20 years and is now a more leisurely runner and cyclist. He runs a private nutrition practice in Morningside Chiropractic Sports Injury Clinic (Johannesburg, South...

Dr Craige Golding

Margie GanderFeb 4, '19

Dr Craige Golding, MD, ABAARM, FAARFM, FICT, FCP (SA), MS USF, Member: NUGO, AAAM is a Specialist Physician, Anti Ageing Physician and the chief medical advisor in private practice at the Advanced Integrative Medical Centre in Houghton, Johannesburg, South Africa. He practices integrative medicine combining natural medicines, nutraceuticals, bio-identical hormones, intravenous treatments,...

Dr Dhesan Moodley

Margie GanderFeb 4, '191 comment

MMed Anti-aging Functional Metabolic Medicine, MBChB, MSc Med Sports Science, MBA Dr Dhesan Moodley is a medical doctor who has specialised in Functional, Anti-aging and Integrative Medicine with a specific emphasis on early detection and management of common medical conditions. He focuses on treating the root cause of chronic ailments...