Dr Dhesan Moodley

Dr Dhesan Moodley

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MMed Anti-aging Functional Metabolic Medicine, MBChB, MSc Med Sports Science, MBA

Dr Dhesan Moodley is a medical doctor who has specialised in Functional, Anti-aging and Integrative Medicine with a specific emphasis on early detection and management of common medical conditions. He focuses on treating the root cause of chronic ailments instead of treating only the symptoms. He is a firm believer in the philosophy that we should manage our health early to prevent or reverse the onset of chronic illnesses instead of treating the condition only when we have full-blown signs and symptoms.

Dr. Moodley is one of a few elite doctors globally who has obtained the Masters in Functional, Anti-aging and Integrative Medicine, the highest qualification in this field of medicine. He studied Functional Medicine through the prestigious USA medical institutions: The Morsani School of Medicine at the University of South Florida, A4M and Metabolic Medical Institute. He was a distinguished student who obtained his Masters with a grade point average (GPA) of 3.97 (out of 4.0) representing an average score of approximately 99%. He is passionate about furthering medical knowledge and bringing these new advances to South Africa for the benefit of all South Africans. He currently travels between South Africa and the USA so that he can remain at the forefront of USA research while offering this to his patients in his medical practice in Bryanston, South Africa.

Dr. Moodley is vastly experienced, having graduated with an MBChB medical degree in 1985. He believes in the holistic management of his patients taking into account their physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual well-being. He uses various diagnostic and treatment modalities including pharmaceutical products, nutraceuticals and botanicals. His initial specialization in Sports Medicine enables him to prescribe and design exercise programmes to augment the management plans for his patients. His expertise in Regression Therapy equips him to treat patients with a unique emphasis on emotional wellbeing.

Having super-specialised in weight loss management, Dr. Moodley has established a successful weight management clinic so that his patients can benefit from the recent global advances in this field. Amongst others, he specializes in male and female hormonal disorders, hormone balancing, stress management, heart disorders, hypertension, cholesterol management, diabetes, allergies, eczema, arthritis, osteoporosis, gut health, dementia, Alzheimers, Parkinsons, and cancer.

Dr. Moodley bases his medical interventions upon objective and accurate testing of patients. Traditional lab results offer broad ranges of normal values based on the general population. However, Dr. Moodley believes that every patient is unique and conducts tests for their unique conditions with narrow “normal” ranges. This approach enables him to develop unique customized interventions for each patient’s management programme.

Dr. Moodley holds the following degrees:

  • Masters Functional, Anti-aging and Metabolic Medicine (U of South Florida) 2016
  • MBA (UCT) 1991
  • MMed Sports Medicine (UCT) 1990
  • MBChB (KwaZulu Natal) 1985

He has served on the board of various healthcare companies including:

  • Discovery Health (Chairman)
  • Pinpoint Health Care Solutions

MP: 300934
Practice No.: 1531220

Contact Details

A: 2 Eaton Avenue, Bryanston, The Compounding Pharmacy of SA
T: 011 463 0036 / 0100072768
E: dhesanm@gmail.com
W: www.compounding.co.za

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Maria van Emmenes on Sep 9, '19

Good Day I would like to make an appointment with dr Moodley. I would like to see him regarding my thyroid. I did some DNA tests through My DNA Choice and Margie recommended dr Moodley.
Thank you very much

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