Ian Craig

Ian Craig

Margie GanderFeb 4, '19

Ian Craig BSc MSc, CSCS, INLPTA is a nutritional therapist, exercise physiologist, NLP practitioner and a lifestyle coach. He was a competitive middle-distance runner for 20 years and is now a more leisurely runner and cyclist. He runs a private nutrition practice in Morningside Chiropractic Sports Injury Clinic (Johannesburg, South Africa) where he personalises nutrition and exercise strategies according to his client's genetic attributes and lifestyles. Ian writes and is the editor for 'Functional Sports Nutrition' magazine and he recently published his first book, 'Wholesome Nutrition', along with his online course, 12 Steps to Wholesome Nutrition.   

Contact details 

Morningside Chiropractic Sports Injury Clinic
Trademore House, Block B
165 Rivonia Road, Morningside, Johannesburg
T: 011 784 0052/54
E: bookings@iancraig.net
Twitter: @ian_fsn


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