TeloYears Chronological Age vs Biological Age


Longer Telomeres = Younger Cells!

Inside all your cells, at the ends of your DNA, are protective caps called telomeres. They shorten with age as they do their job, which is to protect your genes and stop cells from replicating once they get too old. Biologically this is the start of your body's aging process. Short telomeres have been called "the new cholesterol" because decades of clinical research have shown that--beyond how old you are--telomere length associates with the risk of heart disease (America's #1 cause of death), and longevity in general.


Your interpretation and feedback session is NOT included in the price of this test. You can book a feedback session with us or take your result to a practitioner of your choice.



  • You can repeat this test to determine whether your interventions have improved your telomere length.
  • A self-assessment tool that helps you become more aware of specific and actionable lifestyle factors that may affect your age in TeloYears and inspire more active engagement in managing them.
  • Detailed explanations to help better understand how oxidative stress, inflammation, lifestyle, and other factors can accelerate telomere shortening.
  • Action plan suggestions related to eating well, physical activity, stress, sleep, and more ranging from novice to expert (consult with your doctor before taking any action).
  • A deep dive into the science of telomeres, its history, practical uses and limitations, and its role in a number of age-related diseases.

Improve your cells' biological age

Your cells' biological age is vitally important. But if you don't measure it, you can't really manage it. And the good news is that telomeres are not genes so, unlike your ancestry, they are a unique part of the DNA that can actually change and improve with better nutrition, physical activity, stress reduction, and other lifestyle factors. Add our plan to your healthier lifestyle to help you get measurably younger cells based on changes in their telomere length.

How TeloYears works

The TeloYears telomere health tracking program comprises a test kit to return your sample by mail, analysis of your current telomere length reported as the age of your cells in TeloYears, and the option to work with an expert to develop a personalized lifestyle improvement plan based on telomere science. Then you implement the suggestions and remeasure in about 3 to 6 months to track your improvement.

Your TeloYears Results Report

Your results report lets you learn the baseline or current age of your cells in TeloYears to help you monitor the vitality of your cells based on your telomere length. Simple and intuitive to understand, your TeloYears Results Report includes:

  1. The age of your cells in TeloYears, which is calculated as the actual age of a typical man or woman whose telomere length is similar to yours.
  2. Track your TeloYears results over time (useful for repeat testers).

TeloYears Blueprint for Aging Well – A Special Added Value

Your TeloYears test results come with the TeloYears Blueprint for Aging Well, which distills decades of scientific evidence into one simple, tabulated, and value added resource for those feeling inspired to take action and get the most out of TeloYears. 

How to collect your sample

Collecting your sample is simple and takes just a few minutes. Simply follow the instructions in your At-Home kit:

  1. Poke your finger with sterile lancet. Dab drop of blood on strip
  2. Place strip into small transport tube
  3. Mail back your sample the same day you collect it


Sample type


Turnaround time

2 -4 weeks

Sample report