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Rebuild your body with minerals, the "spark-plugs" to your biochemistry. These supplements provide bioavailable minerals, nutrients, nucleoproteins, and enzymes for optimal glandular function, particularly for adrenal and thyroid cellular function. Ideal for those who have metabolic health issues and chronic stress. 

These incredible formulations are best paired with the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) test

Founded in 1975 by Dr. Paul C. Eck, we offer nutritional products which match our unique approach to mineral balancing. Dr. Eck a scientist and researcher, has long been considered one of the foremost authorities on nutrition and the science of mineral balancing. He was one of the first biochemical researchers to provide a scientific foundation for the field of nutritional balancing. Dr. Eck spent over 40 years studying all major research in the fields of biochemistry, physiology, pathology, nutrition, and psychology. His understanding of mineral/mineral, mineral/vitamin, and vitamin/vitamin interrelationships has led to a broad scientific foundation for the fields of health and nutrition.

All raw materials used in the formulation and manufacturing are verified by the materials manufacturer with a certificate of analysis. This certificate ensures that the vitamins and minerals meet specific potency and quality guidelines. Certified grade of herbs, which guarantees that the pharmacologically active part of the plants is used. The glandular products contain animal substances that meet or exceed all government standards.

This product is made up at the ENDO-MET labs in the USA. As a result, you'll be charged international shipping & import charges on this item. As an imported product delivery may take longer than normal.