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DNA | Health Test

Your DNA holds a wealth of invaluable information about your health and can tell you everything from whether you’re lactose intolerant so if you are at risk for potential DNA damage. Knowing this, it’s absurd to think that we don’t all have an intimate knowledge of our genetic makeup.

We believe that more info is better than less. We believe that more info can be far more useful. Combining* our genetic tests to best suit your needs gives you more info, plus works out more cost effective.

DNA | Health

With a simple swab of your cheek, DNA | Health, a comprehensive DNA test, can help you better understand your health risks and how to prevent them. This test is a great foundation test to combine with one of our other DNA tests.

The 8 key areas that could lead to a chronic illness that this test looks at:

  • Lipid Metabolism: High cholesterol potential and whether medication will help reduce raised cholesterol  
  • DNA Methylation: potential DNA damage risks
  • Detoxification: key enzymes needed for effective detoxification
  • Inflammation: Inflammation, along with oxidative stress, are 2 key markers for almost all chronic illnesses
  • Oxidative stress: this can lead to premature ageing, both inside and outside of your body
  • Bone health: Osteoporosis
  • Insulin sensitivity: risk of blood sugar and insulin imbalance risks associated with a wide variety including diabetes
  • Food responsiveness and sensitivity: lactose intolerance, caffeine processing, salt sensitivity and blood pressure and iron overload disorders 

Armed with this invaluable information, you can eliminate future health risks by carefully planning a life-long diet, exercise, supplement and general well-being plan that works to keep at bay the diseases to which you are susceptible.

      DNA | mycardioRx

      The DNA | Medcheck Cardio test analyses your unique DNA to determine how you metabolise your cardiovascular medication. 

      Pharmacogenomics, the study of the relationship between genes and response to drugs, has been the subject of intensive research over the past two decades and robust evidence now exists to support testing under clinical conditions.

      There is a great deal of variability in how someone responds to medications due to their genes that govern drug metabolism. Pharmacogenomics empowers your doctor to provide person-specific medical interventions and replaces the current trial and error approach to drug therapy.

      A pharmacogenomics test gives insight into how specific prescription drugs are metabolised, transported, and bound in your body. This, in turn, allows your doctor to prescribe those medications that will most likely be effective, to avoid those that will not, and to better adjust medication doses to safe, yet therapeutic, levels. Such a personalised approach to medicine has the power to produce better results, particularly for individuals whose genetic profile puts them at risk of experiencing either treatment failure or an adverse reaction from a given drug.

      With a deeper knowledge of your genetics, you can ensure you’re taking the right medication, at the right dose. It means fewer side-effects, safer treatment, and maximum efficacy.  

      What is Medcheck Cardio?

      mycardioRx harnesses the power of genetic testing to ensure accurate, safe and effective prescription of medication. It’s an easy, non-invasive genetic test that analyses how your body metabolises medication, to highlight what works best for you and your loved ones.

      What Does it Test?

      Medcheck Cardio analyses genetic variations (genetic misspellings) associated with responsiveness to medications covering cardiovascular management.
      Medcheck Cardio analyses genetic variants linked to the metabolism of common  cardiovascular medications such as: 

      • Angiotensin II receptor antagonists
      • Antianginal agents
      • Antiarrhythmics
      • Anticoagulants
      • Antiplatelets
      • Beta-blockers
      • Diuretics
      • Statins

        Your Medcheck Cardio Results

        Once your Medcheck Cardio cheek swab has been returned to the lab for analysis, and your test analysis in the lab, the results will be sent to you. We encourage you to discuss your results with your doctor so they can plan a safe, informed and effective treatment plan for you.

        Note: If your medical practitioner isn’t willing to assist in the process, you should consider getting a second opinion. You have the right to choose a medical practitioner willing to accommodate your unique healthcare needs. We can recommend health care practitioners trained in this test if need be.

        Understanding Genetics

        It may sound like something out of a sci-fi movie, but genetic testing is a powerful health tool that can give you a deep understanding of how your body works. 

        At the heart of it is the molecule DNA. Every single cell in our bodies – from our heart to skin, blood and bone – contains a complete set of our DNA. This powerful molecule carries our genetic code and determines all manner of traits, from our eye colour to aspects of our personalities and, of course, our health. Interestingly, 99.9% of the DNA from two people is identical. It’s the other 0.1% of DNA code sequences that make us unique.

        What are Genes?

        Genes are segments of DNA that contain the instructions your body needs to make each of the many thousands of proteins required for life. Each gene is comprised of thousands of combinations of ‘letters’ which make up your genetic code. The code gives the instructions to make the proteins required for proper development and function.

        What are Gene Variations?

        An example of a genetic variation is that one ‘letter’ may be replaced by another. These variations can lead to changes in the resulting proteins being made. For example, a ‘C’ may be changed to a ‘G’ at a point in the genetic code. When the variation affects only one genetic ‘letter’ it is called a Single Nucleotide Polymorphism, or SNP (pronounced “snip”). Variations can however also affect more than one ‘letter’. Genetic tests look at specific chromosomes, genes or proteins, and the variations that occur within them, to make observations about disease or disease risk, body processes or physical traits.  

        Are Gene Variations Bad?

        In general, variations should not be considered good or bad. Rather, genetic variations are simply slight differences in the genetic code. The key is to know which form of the variation you carry so that you can make appropriate lifestyle choices. And that is the beauty of genetic testing. It can tell you more about the way you're built so that you can tailor your lifestyle to fit your biology.

        Tests For 

        • DNA | Health: Gene variations associated with metabolic and biological processes, nutritional genomics, and metabolism
        • Medcheck Cardio Gene variations associated with the metabolism (breakdown) of common cardiovascular medications (listed in the test sample report below)

        Test Type 

        DNA test 

        Sample Required

        Buccal (cheek) lining swab

        Average Processing Time

        18-21 days

        Test Sample Report