Epigenetic Test



Epigenetics is changing the way we approach health. It controls your DNA and is affected by environmental and lifestyle changes, in a nutshell, our genetics is fixed, epigenetics is dynamic. 

Chronomics analyses DNA methylation (DNAm). While consisting of only a single carbon atom and a few hydrogens, the elusive methyl-tag is an essential and fundamental part of DNA.

Your body and your health are constantly in flux and DNAm is the switchboard of your cells. DNAm can switch genes on or off and is the reason one genome can become hundreds of cell types. It also responds to changes in internal health as we age and external factors in our lifestyles.

DNAm is the ultimate biomarker. Unlike other epigenetic mechanisms DNAm is highly stable and can be deciphered using the latest in next-generation sequencing technology. This means high quality, high throughput data. A simple, widespread, easily read, a highly responsive biomarker that is uniquely placed at the intersection of environment/exposome and genetics/health.

What is tested?

  • Genome plus epigenome.
  • Whole-genome sequencing means everything, all 3.2 billion base pairs
  • 5 million methylation sites
  • Every base is read. The technology is only possible using the most advanced next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology around. Unlike array-based technology with its 40% irreproducibility rates and low accuracy, NGS is thorough and comprehensive.

The science behind Chronomics

The latest in Epigenome Sequencing combined with Machine Learning is used to provide the world’s first actionable epigenetic insights. Epigenetics is distinct from genetics. To assess epigenetics, we use a chemical that highlights epigenetic marks on your DNA before we sequence it.

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By determining your DNAm, you'll be able to see whether making better nutrition, environment and lifestyle choices does result in improved DNA expression. 

Sample type

Saliva swab

We'll send an easy-to-use saliva testing kit straight to your home. Simply spit in the tube and drop it back in the post with our prepaid envelope.

Turnaround time

6-8 weeks