Hepatitis B | Rapid Home Screening Test


This is an antigen test, which tests directly for the presence of the Hepatitis B virus in the human body.
The test is safe: the substances contained in the test device are non-infectious.

What is Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B is a liver disease that can range from mild to a serious, lifelong illness. The hepatitis B virus causes inflammation of the liver, which may lead to liver cancer, liver failure, and even death. There are two stages to the disease: Acute and chronic.

Acute hepatitis B infection
The early-stage (first 6 months) of a hepatitis B infection is called the acute stage and is manageable. Acute hepatitis B can range from mild illness with very few or no symptoms to a serious condition that may require hospitalization. Some people are able to fight the infection and cure the virus during the early stages.
Chronic hepatitis B infection
The later stage of the hepatitis B infection (longer than 6 months) is known as chronic hepatitis B. This chronic stage is more serious and may cause lifelong health problems. Hepatitis B cannot only affect adults but babies and children as well. Left untreated, hepatitis B infections can lead to serious health problems.

What if I test positive?

Receiving a positive result can be difficult. Please make an appointment to see your doctor or local clinic in order to receive the appropriate treatment to ensure your optimal health. 


  • >98% Accuracy
  • Reliable Results in less than 15 min
  • Tested in clinical trials
  • Certifications: TUV ISO 13485 (ISO's International Medical Devices Standard) & GMP
  • Easy to Use
  • Total Privacy

Tests for

5 strains of Hepatitis B

Sample type

1-2 blood spots

How long does it take to get a result?

15 mins

Test kit contains

1 x Test Cassette
1 x Lancet/Sampler
1 x Buffer/diluent solution
1 x Dropper/micropipette
1 x Cleaning Alcohol Swab