Laptop Stand | iDesk with 4 port USB hub



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Relieve back, neck and eye strain by placing your laptop at an optimum viewing level.


  • Compatible with most notebook computers, you can rest assured that this is the convenient and versatile option for optimising the performance and overall health of your laptop while providing you with an improved viewing angle for both work and play
  • Comes with a 4 port USB hub, convenience is assured as you have added room for your peripherals, and with six angle/height adjustment settings it can be customised to suit you
  • Enjoy more comfortable computing and improved ease of use with this great laptop stand


  • iDesk Laptop Stand has a 4 Port USB Hub
  • Six position angle/height adjustment
  • Relieves back, neck and eye strain by placing your laptop at an optimum viewing level
  • Cooling air circulates around the notebook for maximum performance
  • Brings the screen within proper viewing range
  • Improves the user's overall posture
  • Provides a more comfortable typing position
  • Compatible with most notebook PCs
  • Clutter-free with cable management channels


  • iDesk is its adjustable height settings that easily brings your laptop screen to your eye level, reducing the potential for neck pain and eyestrain that usually occurs when you’re looking down at your laptop screen
  • The iDesk has six height and angle adjustments to raise your laptop screen to the perfect height for you. Simply slide your laptop into the stand and adjust the height and angle to suit your environment


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