Microderm Exfoliator


A refining exfoliator with microparticles to gently polish and refine the skin’s surface. Kaolin and calcium carbonate assist in improving blood circulation, removing dead skin cells and impurities and leave the complexion soft, smooth and bright.


  • Active treatment - Rooibos delivers potent antioxidant properties to detoxify and renew
  • Calcium carbonate and kaolin are both mildly exfoliating to help lift dead skin cells
  • Marula oil is included to nourish and hydrate, leaving skin feeling comfortable and smooth
  • Frankincense and orange oils deliver a rich engaging fragrance


  • Cruelty-Free (BWC, PETA)
  • Recyclable glass packaging 
  • Community-sourced ingredients:
    • Fair Trade Rooibos from the Heiveld Women’s Cooperative
    • Marula from Eudafano Women’s Cooperative

"It’s best to use this exfoliator once a week to keep a smooth and radiant complexion. This is a 99% natural product, which means that it does not contain harmful chemicals commonly used in cosmetics that cause endocrine disruption, cancer or DNA mutations. Also, this product is free from microbeads that have a significant impact on our rivers and seas. We love the fact the Esse is so committed to non-toxic living that they have used recyclable glass packaging".


Suitable for

All skin types | sensitive skin 

Use | Tips

  • Use once a week
  • With a small amount of water, massage in gentle circular motions for about a minute
  • Rinse off using a sponge or soft cotton cloth and warm water
  • Follow with a gentle cleanse and proceed with a normal skin care routine
  • For face and décolleté


Store in a cool, dry and dark place due to the natural preservatives.