Hair | Shampoo


A gentle shampoo for all hair types.


  • Natural foaming plant extracts such as soapwort to lift dirt without damaging the scalp
  • This wonderfully rich and natural shampoo gently cleanses the hair using quillaja to assist oil balance whilst deeply nourishing the roots


  • Free from sodium laureth sulphate and other irritants 
  • Free for chemical preservatives that cause DNA mutations, endocrine disruption and cancer

"This shampoo does not contain SLS, 1,4 dioxane, ethanolamines, formaldehyde type preservatives, parabens or PEG compounds. You should be mindful of the impact that these chemicals have on your endocrine system and try to avoid buying products that include them. Sodium lauryl sulphate/sodium laureth sulphate is derived from coconut oil, but they’re two different ingredients. The Laureth goes through an ethoxylation process, that results in a byproduct called 1,4 dioxane—it’s not listed on the label, but that is the cancer-causing aspect of the ingredient. So, avoid any ingredients ending in ‘eth.’in your choice of shampoo. So what should you look for instead? Anything with the words 'glucose' or 'glucoside' in them—for example, sodium lauryl glucose or lauryl glucose. Glycol is a common ingredient in hair and personal care products, but there are different types. The most common are polyethylene glycol, often listed as PEG. These, again, are ethoxylated and are cancer-causing chemicals. Remember that we have many more hair follicles and sweat glands on our scalps than anywhere else on our body! If we think about it, the majority of our beauty products and cosmetics are concentrated in the area where we have the most open pores per cm2 – our head and face! Based on this, we really should start to think about the toxins in the products we apply to this area".  


Suitable for

All hair types

Use | Tips

Apply to wet hair by massaging into the scalp, avoiding contact with your eyes, and rinse thoroughly.


Store in a cool, dry and dark place due to the natural preservatives.