Do I have the immune genotype?

Do I have the immune genotype?

Margie GanderFeb 12, '21
I enjoyed chatting to Henri at Die Groot Ontbyt oN KYKNET about the benefits of personalising your immune health choices from your DNA up!
Understanding "how" your body responds to "invasions" goes a long way in helping you to make choices that will optimize your immune function across the 4 main stages, that being prevention, infection, escalating inflammation, and recovery.
  1. Prevention - support is focused on immune surveillance efficiency and reduction of baseline levels of inflammation, to improve outcomes if you become infected
  2. Infection - support emphasizes immune activity against infection
  3. Escalating Inflammation – (Cytokine Storm) support is focused on anti-inflammatory measures
  4. Recovery - support is focused on resolving inflammation, inhibiting fibrosis and other forms of tissue damage, curtailing losses of function, and restoring and re-optimizing function. In other words, a return to homeostasis. Because some of us can relapse into the Escalating Inflammation Phase, it is essential for clinical surveillance to continue well into what may appear to be the Recovery Phase.

To get started, our can order the GENE-IMMUNE DNA test online. You can also "add" it onto one of the other Geneway tests. 

Remember, every disease has some component that is linked to your immune response. So supporting your immunity becomes key in ensuring optimal health. 

Marguerite Doig-Gander
BA (Speech, Hearing & Lang Therapy) Hons | FMCHC | ReCODE Coach | Men's Health |  Harvard Medical School Fundamentals in Genetics | Immunology (candidate)

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