Which DNA test is right for me?

Knowing more about your DNA can form a solid foundation for more personalised nutrition, environment and lifestyle choices, and give you a 'heads up' about where to expect weaknesses in your biochemistry, help you prevent key lifestyle-related chronic diseases, and help you craft a path towards optimal wellness.

If you have made the decision that understanding more about your DNA is the next step on your journey, it is time to decide which DNA test/s to do. We have made it easy for you through our online quiz - which DNA test is best for me. Once we receive your answers, we'll send you a personal recommendation on which test is best for you. You can choose to buy each one separately or any combination of the four. Buying a combo provides the best value for money, as well as more genetic information that can be referenced together.

If you have any questions, please book a free Skype session to ask any questions that you might have. Please email margie@mydnachoices.com

If you feel you have a severe gluten intolerance, we also have the easy to do DNA | Gluten test which determines whether or not you have a genetic variation that makes you intolerant of gluten. This condition is called ‘Celiac disease’. If you’re on cardio, pain or psychiatric medication, or considering going on to any of these medications, we can also discuss our three pharmacogenomics DNA tests. They analyse how your body will metabolises these medications at a genetic level thereby showing which medication, or class or medications, is best suited to your body.

How do I order a DNA test?

You can order your DNA tests online at www.mydnachoices.com.

The test will be delivered to your door with a return courier instructions. All you need to do is follow the instructions and call the courier to collect your sample when you are ready.

In about 2 weeks, as soon as your report is ready, we will contact you and share your results.

The results are comprehensive and include a detailed report. If you would like, she can then go through it together and decide what next steps to take and what the right nutrition, environment and lifestyle choices that you can make to support and nurture your unique DNA! You will be able to refer to these tests results for the rest of your life so it is well worth the investment. We also offer a budget option at checkout to further enable you on your journey.

Can I do the test myself or do I need a practitioner to help me?

Our DNA tests are designed as home test kits and are very easy for you to do in the privacy of your home. The kit comes with a sealed, long cotton bud. All you need to do is a buccal/cheek swab, preferably first thing in the morning before you eat or drink.

Once completed, you place the cotton bud back into the container and complete the collection forms.

You do not need a practitioner’s permission to order our DNA tests.

What type of DNA sample do I need to give?

Our DNA tests are analysed from a buccal/cheek swab and DO NOT require a blood sample.

How long will my results take?

Your sample analysis and the report will take 2-3 weeks for the lab to process.

What will my report look like?

The report that is provided to you is the most important and valuable part of the process. The report becomes your reference document for personalizing your daily nutrition, environment and lifestyle choices.

You can reference this report for the rest of your life and share it with your healthcare practitioners.

Each lab will present your DNA results differently but all the labs that we work with have easy to read reports. You can click on any of the DNA tests in our shop menu to view sample reports.

Who explains the report to me?

We believe that you own your own medical data and stand in the center of your health choices so your report is yours and is sent directly to you.

You are free to review the details of the report with us either in person or via Skype. This review process is included in the price of the DNA test.

You’re also free to consult with any one of the practitioners in our practitioner’s circles too. The price of this external consultation is NOT included.