You’re the custodian of your health. You know your body, intimately. Better than anyone else.

We’re here to help you learn more about your body and how it is functioning so that you can make better, more personalised health choices.

You’re unique, just like your DNA. Your health choices need to support your genotype, the proteins they make and the enzymes that catalyze many important actions, deep inside your biochemistry. To help you understand how all of these systems are working in your body, we’ve given you direct access to advanced DNA and/or biochemistry tests that you can order online and do easily at home.

Once you’ve information about your unique genotype and biochemistry, you can start integrating your daily health choices based on solid, scientific data.

Your data. 


We'll guide you through the following easy, 5 steps to becoming optimal:

1. It starts with determining your unique genotype by doing the DNA test that you've chosen. We'll help you find the best test for you.

2. Once you've your results, your feedback session will help to personalise your health choices based on your unique genetic variations and current health. Your aim here is to ensure that you make health choices that support optimal gene expression and regulation.

3. Our shop is designed to help you to integrate your daily diet, supplement, exercise, environment and lifestyle choices based on all your unique genetic information.

4. Use biochemistry to measure and track the impact of your choices on your health. 

5. We give you confidence to refine and hone your choices depending on your biomarkers.  

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We're independent which means that we're not affiliated to any one lab or test but rather work with the best, accredited DNA testing and biochemistry labs throughout the world so that you have access to the right test for YOU.

We aim to find the "best fit" for you and your health goals.

We offer individual DNA panels right through to Whole Exome Sequencing (WES) and Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) - keeping in mind that the more genetic information that you have, the greater insight you'll have into your genotype, potential poly-genetic risk, possible genetic and environmental interactions, and predispositions. 

Our DNA quiz is a great tool in helping you to determine which DNA test or test combo is best for you. Once completed, we'll send you our personal recommendation.    



Included with all the DNA and/or biochemistry tests is a:

1. Functional Medicine based questionnaire aimed at helping you to bridge the gap between your current choices and your genotype.

2.  report from your chosen lab.

3. 90 min feedback session aimed at weaving together your genotype so that you can make better, more personalised health choices, daily.