We are people and patient advocates. We believe that we need to democratize health, wellness, and science. We believe that we all have the right to access, and own our medical data. We also believe that biohacking and personalisation in healthcare will be the silver bullet that we've been looking for to turn the tide on lifestyle-related, chronic disease. 

If you're like we used to be, then you may wait to get really sick before placing value on your health. Or you may still hold your grandparents' view that you NEVER question your doctor. Perhaps you reside on the other end of the spectrum, willing to try all the latest (and not-so-well researched) health trends. Wherever you sit, we all should be able to agree on some fundamental truths.

Let's start with what we believe to be true: 

  1. Your DNA is yours
  2. Your biochemistry is yours
  3. Your health is yours
  4. Information is power
  5. You can’t 'unknow' what you know
  6. You are unique and therefore need personalised choices
  7. Your choices are your responsibility, along with the consequences

MY DNA CHOICES. is about empowering YOU to experience these '7 truth's' on your health journey.