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Order online the latest tests in Epigenome Sequencing. Epigenome sequencing looks at over 20 million methylation tags to determine the impact that key lifestyle and environment biomarkers could have on your health.  

Epigenetics is distinct from genetics in that these tests analyses active or non-active DNA methylation sites on your genome in order to determine the epigenetic impact and risk to your health.

DNA methylation analysis can help gain valuable insight into gene regulation and identify potential biomarkers. Aberrant DNA methylation has been implicated in many disease processes, including cancer, obesity, and addiction. DNA methylation is also a common subject of agronomic investigations into responses to drought, temperature extremes, and other environmental changes.

DNA methylation is not preserved during DNA amplification, studying methylation requires that the DNA be treated to either preserve or select for methylation status prior to DNA sequencing. Techniques used to prepare DNA for methylation analysis include the selection of methylated DNA by affinity enrichment, enzymatic compartmentalization using methylation-sensitive enzymes, or chemical treatment of the DNA using bisulfite.