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Meet JMVB!

JMVB Fashion is a local fashion label born out of 2 lifetimes of experience, a passion for quality fashion and a fierce sense of independence.  Founders, Jain and Monet, met while studying fashion design at the Technicon of Natal back in the ’90s, “the only place you studied if you took fashion seriously.” They became fast friends and co-conspirators. Although their paths diverged, ending up on separate continents for a while, their friendship endured. When they again reconnected in SA, it was natural that their shared love and appreciation for understated style and quality garments would lead to a fashion label of their own.

After spending years building a successful CMT business, Monet and Jain finally took a step back to realise their own dream. To create a fashion label and collection that reflected their personal design aesthetic and personality. Thus, JMVB Fashion was finally born to produce a limited quantity of timelessly stylish, beautifully crafted garments for all women, all made right here in SA.

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