NexRing – Digital Smart Ring


A health lab wrapped around your finger.
Monitoring your Sleep, Heart Rate, Activity, and Body Temperature with personalised insights. Have a complete picture of your body!


  • Have a complete picture of your body 
  • Common problem: difficult and inconvenient to fully understand your health condition.
  • NexRing – Revolutionary health, sleep, and readiness tracking.
  • Free Membership 

Why Smart Rings

Wellness Management: Smart rings can do very well in managing health and wellness. They are capable of tracking health vitals and activity, such as heart rate, body temperature, SpO2, HRV, and so on.

Sleep monitoring: Smart ring is a great choice for monitoring sleep compared to other wearable devices NexRing allows to track details of sleep vitals and come up with personal insights.

Fashionable design: Smart rings have a stylish design, more attractive than traditional rings or other wearable devices. NexRing is made of unique and resistant Titanium.

Analyze how ready you are for work & exercise

Share data with family and home doctor: Easy to share and manage health data by app, which is compatible with IOS and Android. End users can download apps via Google Play Store and App Store to share with family and home doctors.

More accurate data and analysis from the finger: The finger’s pulse signal is stronger and more accurate than the wrist, making it an ideal source of accurate heart rate data, and is more sensitive to motion and more accurate across all skin tones.


Unlike its competitors, NexRing’s accompanying app is a free subscription. Users can get free membership by signing up on the app and benefit immediately from professional and personal insights by searching NexRing via  Google Play Store and App Store.

Finding your correct size

Seven sizes are available to meet the wearing needs of fingers of different sizes.

NexRing provides a more comfortable fit than a wrist smartwatch and more accurate health data than wrist measurements. It is not necessary to remove it during sleep.