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Food is information to your DNA

Often when you hear the word 'diet' you immediately think about the latest diet fad or weight-loss programme. We want to change that! 

When we were teenagers and young adults, many of us saw food only in terms of calories and not as information to our bodies to make them function optimally. We now know that not all foods are created equal, not all diets are suitable for everyone and that we are all unique in terms of the way we store fat and use energy. 

In Functional Medicine, we always start starts with a "food-first" approach to health. Food is energy, medicine, and connection. The basic principle of this is that eating a wide variety of high-quality, whole, and mostly plant-based foods are truly powerful medicine that improves health and hinders the development of disease.

Food is not just calories you take in; it is also a source of information for the body. With every bite taken, food has the ability to turn on or o genes that control disease risk, lifespan, and metabolism. Certain foods can impact blood sugar, or even trigger allergic reactions, inflammation, or autoimmune responses. Food has the potential to provide the body with what it needs to function at its best level. If the body isn’t given the right information, it won’t work well, and an individual’s health may decline. If too much food is taken in—or if the food gives the body the wrong instructions—a person can become simultaneously overweight and undernourished and can increase their risk of developing many different diseases.