GenomicINSIGHT® reports on over 3,000 single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in one comprehensive functional DNA test.

Online results include therapeutic recommendations backed by the latest medical literature from PubMed, GWAS (genome-wide association study), dbSNP, HapMap (haplotype map), and several others.

Data gleaned from Genomic INSIGHT® informatics uses the latest medical literature to provide relevant information on nutraceuticals, nutritional supplements, diet, and lifestyle interventions that can proactively influence a patient’s SNPs to reduce or prevent disease risk. Furthermore, pharmacogenomic results included in the profile allow practitioners to predict the efficacy of select pharmaceuticals tailored to the individual’s genetic makeup.

Please note

The interpretation fee associated with this DNA test is NOT included in the report. You can book this feedback session with us or with your chosen Healthcare Provider. 


  • This DNA test gives you a polygenetic view of your predispositions
  • It looks at genetic interactions and not just single SNP genetic variations

The science behind this test



Advancing Personalized Medicine Through Empowered DNA Testing

GenomicINSIGHT ® provides a global view of the interconnectedness of SNPs and offers access to informatics that reveal lifestyle and therapeutic recommendations that may influence a gene’s expression and function.

The role of genomics and epigenetics is recognized as an important tool in monitoring, preventing, and treating dysfunction. Furthermore, medical literature supports that epigenetics (the impact of the environment on gene expression) plays a critical role in human health.1

GenomicINSIGHT ® with Opus23 Explorer™ identifies how the function or dysfunction of one gene impacts the expression and function of a separately-related gene or SNP.

The key health areas analysed

GenomicINSIGHT® evaluates every area of patient health such as:

  1. Methylation
  2. Detox
  3. Inflammation
  4. Cognition
  5. Structural
  6. Adrenal Function
  7. Endocrine
  8. Gastrointestinal
  9. Cardiometabolic
  10. Estrogen
  11. Metabolism


Genomic Insight® provides patients with next-level precision medicine. Results allow for:

  • Customizable, real-time informatics that can evaluate one area of health or many in one test
  • Universal SNP analysis, using a simple buccal collection, without costly “add-on” panels
  • Data-driven insights into how a patient may respond to therapeutic or lifestyle changes
  • Constantly updating researched-based data powered by our Opus23 Explorer software

Sample reports - what you get

What are SNPs

Although most of the genome is virtually identical from person to person, up to 9% of the genome can vary among individuals. This variation contributes to individual differences in both disease susceptibility and therapeutic responses. Single nucleotide polymorphisms, or SNPs (pronounced “snips”), are an important type of genomic variation.

SNPs only make up a tiny portion of the human genome (0.4%), but because the genome is so enormous, this equals over 12 million locations. The differences or variations at these SNP locations contribute to differentiating us and making us unique.

The power of epigenetics

While genes and SNPs themselves are virtually unchangeable, their impact on health can be influenced. The influence of environmental, lifestyle and nutritional factors are referred to as epigenetics. Genomic INSIGHT ® DNA test results offer dynamic opportunities to alter genetic expression – proving that genes do not equal destiny.

Patients and clinicians can work together to implement lifestyle changes that can positively influence the impact of risk-carrying SNPs. These highly-personalized treatment interventions can improve patient outcomes and change lives.

Sample type

Buccal swab

Turnaround time

6 -8 weeks