Grown in ocean waters, our Spirulina perfectly balances vitamins and minerals, to offer you the most complete natural food supplement on the planet.


  • The exclusive Miron® Violettglas glass favors the conservation of solar energy, to keep the original vitality of all the nutrients of Marcus Rohrer Spirulina intact. 
  • Vegan-certified. 


Hawaiian sun .

The intense Hawaiian sunlight brings added value to Marcus Rohrer Spirulina, increasing its nourishing power and infusing it with a powerful boost of energy.

Pure waters .

In the deep basins of the Hawaiian tanks, the pristine ocean waters mix with the rainwater, to give our Spirulina a rapid and luxuriant growth.

Uncontaminated environment .

The ecosystem of Hawaii offers the cultivation of Marcus Rohrer Spirulina climatic conditions of rare purity, including bright sun, healthy air, lava soil and tropical forests.

Volcanic land .

The lava soil of the Hawaiian paradise is one of the secrets of the exceptional nature of Marcus Rohrer Spirulina, which is enriched with the substances collected from the waters of the tropical forest.

Ideal for

  • Beauty/skin
  • Pregnancy 
  • Sports people 
  • Immune function 
  • Brain health 


Spirulina Platensis thallus powder. Anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide; Inulin


Store in a cool,dry, dark place.

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