Functional Medicine Coaching


Our wellness coaching is based on Functional Medicine and is designed based on using the 'coach-approach' to assist you in the planning of your wellness goals. We see ourselves as being your partner - working with you to achieve your nutrition, environment and lifestyle goals towards optimal wellness.


The benefits of wellness coaching are many! The greatest being that of lasting change!

  • We have a definite scope of practice and will refer you to one of the practitioners in our circle should it be necessary

What to expect

  • We work with by reviewing your personal medical data. This could be DNA or biochemistry information or recommendations that you have received from a practitioner. We help you to process this information and help you set SMART goals that are aimed at getting you started.
  • We will use the principles of positive psychology and character strengths as part of the steps you need to take through the change process.
  • We provide you with resources to support you.

Coaching Tools 

We use many Functional Medicine Wellness Coaching tools to help you to set and achieve your wellness goals. These include:

  1. Working through the Stages of Change
  2. The Functional Medicine Timeline 
  3. The Readiness Ruler
  4. SMART goal setting
  5. Character Strengths
  6. Resources such as the Phytonutrient Chart, our DO NOT TOUCH list and personalised diet sheets

ReCODE Coaching | Bredesen Protocol

If you carry the APOE4 gene or have a history of LOAD (late-onset Alzheimer's Disease) in your family and want assistance in following Dr. Dale Bredesen's plan for preventing and reversing cognitive decline, we're here to help you. We are able to work with your doctor, help you set nutrition, supplement, lifestyle and environment goals.

How to book

We offer an online booking system. You can book 30 min Skype calls and if viable, you can meet in person at our offices in Wynberg.