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CYP19A1 is another member of the CYP450 superfamily of enzymes. Mainly found in the gonads, brain, adipose (fat) tissue, placenta, blood vessels, skin, and bones. It is also found in endometrial tissue and uterine fibroids. This enzyme regulates the final step in the production of estrogen, converting androgens to estrogen. Variants on the CYP19A1 gene are linked to both increased and decreased enzyme activity and may influence estrogen: testosterone ratio.

If you carry the AG allele, then be aware that it is not an indicator of lower, natural estrogen levels. This may be considered negative since higher estrogen levels can be harmful over time and can cause unpleasant symptoms such as PMS, heavy menstrual bleeding, weight gain, mood disorders, worsening of menopausal symptoms and is linked to certain cancers. Other factors such as excess body fat, high insulin levels, inflammation and stress increase CYP19A1 activity.

Maintaining a healthy weight, balancing blood sugar, reducing inflammation and stress will help maintain hormonal balance. DIM, green tea and zinc have been shown to naturally reduce CYP19A1 activity.