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Disposable menstrual products are becoming less and less relevant in a world with too much waste. Period panties are the latest in the move towards reusable menstrual products that work for you and the environment.

Miss Ruby Period Panties come in three absorbency levels: liner, regular and heavy. Each of these is available in either bikini or boyleg cut. 

The panties are made from stretchy cotton Lycra and the absorbent layers are made from 100% cotton because it absorbs better and it's natural. The added bonus is they don’t smell. There is a waterproof cover that is made from TPU.

Recommendations when choosing your panties

Butterfly Wings Period Flow Chart Mooncup

In the heavy panties, the pad goes all the way from the back to the front of the panty. The heavy panties are best for sleeping in as they are chunky. For a very heavy flow, a woman can use them during the day. They absorb 45ml – which is A LOT!

The regular panty has the pad spanning most of the panty but not all the way to the waist. A regular pad generally will work for most women during the day. They absorb 25ml

The liner pad is thin but still absorbs 10ml which is great for spotting days or ladies who suffer from incontinence.


Size Hip Measurement (cm) Flat Measurement (cm)
XS 86 – 90 27
S 91 – 95 29
M 95 – 99 32
L 100 – 109 34
XL 110 – 119 36
  1. Take your hip measurement where you can feel your hip bone. Compare with hip measurement on the size chart.
  2. Lay your favourite panties on a flat surface. Measure from side to side. Compare to the flat measurement of finished panties on the size chart.