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The GSTP1 gene encodes for the enzyme glutathione S-transferase P1.

Oxidative stress is a risk factor shared by most disorders, and it appears that the efficiency of the GSTP1 enzyme may have an impact on the development and prognosis of diseases influenced by oxidative stress. GSTP1 is the most abundant glutathione-s-transferase subtype in the lungs and is known to metabolise many carcinogenic compounds.

The G allele decreases the activity of the enzyme. Conjugation activity is 82% for carriers of one G allele, and 70% for the GG genotype individuals.

If you carry the GG-genotype in this gene, then adding in cruciferous and allium vegetables will help induce GSTP1 enzyme activity.  These should be increased significantly in the diet to increase the activity of other GST enzymes. Adding in bioavailable glutathione (not just the amino acid precursors, namely cysteine, glutamic acid, and glycine) is important for upregulating this pathway.