GENE-Rx™ will provide insight into how a patient metabolises, transports and binds certain prescription drugs, which empowers physicians to prescribe medication that will most likely be the most effective for first-time treatment. Physicians will, therefore, be able to identify individuals at risk of experiencing treatment failure and adverse side effects from treatment based on their genetic makeup.

The ultimate goal is personalised medicine identifying genetic biomarkers affecting drug response, to better guide drug therapy decisions for an individual. This will significantly improve the treatment of disease.

Currently, most doctors base their drug prescription on symptoms and factors such as the patient’s age, weight, sex and organ functionality. However, for a large subset of drugs, genetic variations have been identified and research is available that indicates how a person with these genetic variations, is likely to respond to these drugs.

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Genes tested

Sample Report

The benefits of this personalised approach for patients are

  • Decreases the length of treatment time
  • Minimises a trial and error approach in finding an effective drug therapy
  • Limits the effects of disease through early detection
  • Minimises side effects
  • Cost-saving

The benefits for Physicians are

  • Streamline clinical decision making, by knowing in advance which patients are likely to benefit from a given treatment
  • Lower unnecessary costs
  • Lowers risk of side effects

Sample type

Buccal swab

Turnaround times

Results take approximately 4 weeks to process